When Anne joined my group program, she was drowning in flip charts and was trying to figure out her new business model, her services and which market to launch to. I knew of Anne, but I didn't ‘know' Anne and neither did her people.  

Like many of us, Anne was discounting her previous corporate experience and wasn't fully connected to the truth of who she was. Anne worked through the group program and upgraded to work with me 1:1 on her strategy. The work we did helped Anne connect with her true soul purpose; the truth of who she really is and what she stands for.

Understanding Anne's truth enabled us to build a business from the ground up and create a business so aligned with Anne's purpose and vision it changed something deep within her.

We created Anne's positioning and messaging which helped create her content & copy. 

The best part of our work together was scoping out Anne's services & fees;  seeing her land her first 1:1 clients and launch her group program made me feel so damn proud of how far she'd come with our work together.

Anne then asked for my help to create a visual identity. My creative team got to work on bringing her brand strategy to life visually and we scoped out a brand shoot brief right down to the wardrobe details. 

Anne's flip charts are now in the recycled bin, the plan is clear and the path ahead is already filling up with dream clients;  because Anne reconnected with her purpose and she decided to stand in the truth of Anne.  


“Deborah's intuition and ability to really see what her client isn't seeing — or maybe admitting — to themselves. That feels huge: you blend street smart (branding cred) with inner knowing (spirit cred) about your clients.”

I've not yet launched and I've sold three 1:1's on the back of the work I've done with Deborah and launched my new group program with success.

When I first spoke to Deborah, I was drowning in flipchart paper, trying to choose my client, my offering, and decide whether to go corporate or individual or both with my products.

I chose Deborah because of her deep strategic knowledge combined with what felt like a unique ability to sense into the right business model and aligned offering. Other people offered beautiful design and strategy, but there was something intangible that said YES!

I was overwhelmed and stuck. Deborah's process led me clearly through the steps I needed to become clear on who it made the most sense to serve, how to serve them and how to position myself with a difference, highlighting my unique strengths. 

The flip chart paper is recycled, the plan is clear and the path ahead is already filling up with dream clients. I'm excited about the future and thrilled with the results. My new business offering will draw in the right people and that's down in part to the work I did with Deborah

Anne D Ferguson

Brand Language Specialist

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