Carey had a successful management consultancy called the Human Centre and contacted me to help with her rebrand. From the initial conversations, it was clear that she was well respected in the industry, but I felt she was hiding behind a name that no longer served her and it was time for Carey to step into her own and rebrand under her name.

Unlike most of her competitors, Carey's approach was a solution based focus first, rather than problem-based first, so I created a value proposition of ‘creating change with ease'. Carey relaunched; securing work with PwC, Lloyds Bank and has now retired and moved to Australia to be with her family.

“I have been trying to describe what I do and how I do it for years and Deborah nailed it with her brilliant insight”

 “The Brand discovery process with Deborah was brilliant;  She knows exactly what she is doing, the exact process she is taking you through and I was stunned by the results.  I have been trying to describe what I do simply and effectively for years and she nailed it with brilliant research, digging and insight. Basically she is fantastic at what she does.”

Carey Glass

 Management Consultant and Occupational Psychologist.

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