Case Study – Carey Glass


Carey had a successful management consultancy called the Human Centre and contacted me to help with her rebrand. From the initial conversations it was clear that she was well respected in the industry, but I felt she was hiding behind a name that no longer served her and it was time for Carey to step into her own authority and rebrand under her name.

With so many management consultants out there, I needed to find a way for Carey to stand out from her competition, most of which focus on the problems before providing solutions, whereas Carey’s approach is more solutions focused; meaning the problems don’t need to be analysed and instead she starts from a desired positive outcome. It was clear that Carey’s approach brought about changes with ease. Her brand needed to have fluidity to reflect her working style, which was translated throughout her copy, communications and brand identity.

Carey is working with large corporates; Co-op, PwC, & Lloyds and is now working in Australia having secured several new contracts.

She nailed it in one session with brilliant insight

 “The Brand discovery process with Deborah was brilliant;  She knows exactly what she is doing, the exact process she is taking you through and I was stunned by the results.  I have been trying to describe what I do simply and effectively for years and she nailed it in one session with brilliant insight. Basically she is fantastic at what she does.”

Carey Glass, Management Consultant and Occupational Psychologist.

You've taken our business to another level.

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