Carmel approached me as she didn't feel in alignment with her current business model and had outgrown her role as an OBM. We worked hard to get to the heart of her business; taking a 360 approach to gain clarity on her big vision.

Carmel no longer wanted to be doing the ‘doing', she wanted to teach others to become the CEO of their own business with her strategy know-how and system knowledge to be able to help them scale online. Once we got super clear of the truth of who Carmel was, who she wanted to serve and where she sat within the marketplace, we could shape her services and create new revenue streams.

Figuring out what this new role looked like was no easy task, we had to go right back to the beginning to ensure her business was aligned with her vision. We positioned Carmel as the ‘Online Business Integrator' helping business owners step into a CEO role and created a method of Strategy/Systems/Scale which became her strapline. 

  We also found an additional target market she could serve, which meant she could train others to become VA's. Carmel launched her new ‘VA in a Month' program and the response has been overwhelming. You see, once you uncover your truths, and know who you are and why your audience should care; your products and services just fall into place and a more aligned business is built which enables more success and happiness that you ever thought was possible. 

“I've finally understood the importance of ME”

All I can say is this lady is a genius of branding, she's not called The Brand Coach for nothing!
I've finally understood the importance of ME, the brand and the positioning, it's been the missing piece in my business for so long.
Having her research, dig deep, peel back the layers of me, my business & the industry I'm in, share the good, the bad and the ugly & bring my vision to life is amazing.
It's been a huge eye-opener and made me look at everything very differently, as she says “you can't see the label on the bottle, when your inside”. She's seen strengths & new “zones of genius” in me that I've never seen in myself before & she's actually given me the proof to back it up, I'm still speechless from recent conversations I've had over it. She's amazing at what she does.

Carmel David

Online Business Integrator

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