With an oversaturated market in pretty much all sectors we’ve created the unreasonable consumer; a consumer that expects more with a bigger choice of brands to fall back on if that brand fails to deliver in some way.

So in an age of the unreasonable consumer, is brand loyalty dead and what strategies can marketers deploy to ensure their brands’ success and longevity?

I don’t think it's a case of creating new and innovative ways to connect, I feel its about being more real and creating more meaningful connections through the power of your brand.

Most of the big brands know this, yet Consumers see 77% of brands as not meaningful** so something isn’t working.

Consumers expect relevant content from their favourite brands, but brands are missing the opportunity to engage them in a meaningful way that builds brand loyalty.

“Everyone is looking for shortcuts these days, for quick fixes and this scares me. It scares me because there’s no longevity in it, and no depth of connection to their audience. As soon as you put any type of communications out there, be it strategic or not, you have created a brand – as brands are built on in the mind of your consumers – the question is – are you influencing their perception in the right way, and steering it to influence what you want them to think, or are just leaving it all to chance…? 

Brands need to communicate what they care about and what they stand for and so consumer ‘feel’ this. If a brand shows a reason it exists above making profit, then it shows you have purpose.

And purpose build brands perform better.

* Harvard Business review – https://hbr.org/2012/05/three-myths-about-customer-eng


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