When Gemma asked me what I thought about her branding, I told her I felt she’d outgrown her brand and her messaging wasn't truly communicating the ‘true' Gemma. I knew her existing community loved her, but now was the time to attract a new generation of entrepreneurs and a wider audience.

What happened after that conversation could have gone two ways; luckily for me, it went in my favour and Gemma became a client.

Gemma and I went right back to the foundations of her business to understand what was working and what wasn't working so we could move forward in the right direction. The research was no easy task, but the insight was obvious; Gemma was all about next-level growth, providing a proven system that helped her community to get grow their business in a caring heartfelt way, with her client's often referring to her as ‘mamma bear'.

From the research we conducted, we needed to find a way that articulated Gemma's essence of the ‘mamma bear' and her strategic teachings; ‘Growth with Soul'; simple yet powerful is Gemma's brand essence.⁣ Creating Gemma's messaging was easy once I'd figured out her brand essence; it just flowed from there. ⁣Connect-Give-Grow is Gemma’s new strapline and communicates her offering perfectly. 

I played with the words to to give then meaning and made sure her messaging felt true to her and connected the audience she wanted to attract.

My team got to work on the visual ID, playing with strong colours and fonts. Some may not see the detail in the logo, but the ‘t' is softly pulling the ‘M's in, almost hugging them; just like she does with her community. ⁣The colours add fun and show the uplifting energy in which Gemma likes to work.

Gemma relaunched her brand with her best conversion rate to date, but it wasn't just the external results; Gemma felt the internal shifts too in doing the work, with renewed energy and confidence in her brand she scaled to 7 figures and says there is no doubt that the power of her brand had a big part to play in that!

“She brings in a depth of strategy you don't tend to find with her competitors.”

“When I first spoke with Deborah about my brand I had no idea of the depth of work or the depth of the results I would get.

 When she first presented her strategy to me I cried. She'd pulled out things I hadn't even vocalised as they weren't yet clear to me, things that I stand for, things that mean a lot to me. It takes talent to do that, and a true understanding of ‘brand'.

 To others looking at the update you may just see the new logo and design elements, but it's in the brand positioning and essence that the real change comes. This will flow through my marketing and content and, hopefully, connect with my community and clients on a deeper level.

 She bloody gets it! And she brings in a depth of strategy you don't tend to find with her competitors. It helps that she has a proven agency background and that she totally gets me.”

 Gemma Went

Online Business Mentor + Growth Strategist

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