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Welcome to the first episode of Undeniably You, today we’re going to dive into what it means to know yourself on a soul level. Before I made this transformation myself, I remember feeling like there had been something missing my whole life. But as I shed the many layers and felt myself expanding, I found a connection with myself and with my soul energy that I could have never imagined. I want to share how this could look for you, too. I’m so happy you’re here.

Topics Discussed:

  • Deborah’s story of getting to know herself on a soul level
  • How the way that we exist as humans is expanding
  • What can happen for you when you find a deep connection to the self
  • Understanding your unique soul design, your soul print
  • The reminder that you already have everything you need within you


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Deborah O Grady  00:00

watching this podcast is a rebirth. For me, it's a new beginning of a shedding of what was personal brands are meant to be seen. And being seen was really difficult for me. I always felt that something was missing in me, in my brand within me, and it held me back for so long. I felt like I've been searching for this missing piece all of my life. I often didn't feel of this world, I tried to fit in so many times. And in doing so I became so disconnected to the truest form of me my soul truth. Now, the word soul seems to be another buzzword.


Deborah O Grady  00:48

We talk about connecting to our soul aligned clients all the time. But how can we do that if we don't even know ourselves on a soul level. Over the past two years, I've been on a journey to understand myself on a soul level, so that I can help others do the same. I had the privilege of working with the most amazing spiritual teachers. And with my husband and daughter beside me, we embarked on an awakening journey together during the pandemic, which was really, really tough. I mean, imagine three people releasing intensely, the journey wasn't an easy one, having to release a lifetime of low store vibration. And believe me, in your late 40s, it's good to say that you've got quite a lot of low store vibration there. But the more I released, the more I could master my vibration, I was able to communicate with myself on a soul level, at a higher frequency and things began began to feel easy. Now I had so many layers destroyed, I had so many identities I was holding on to, and I had this ego that I was so done with, I was held holding on to fear that wasn't even mine. I looked back and I could cry. For the woman that I once was, I could cry for the child I could but have cried for too many times. So as we peel back the layers, and we reframe and rebuild, who we actually are on a deep soul level, doing this with my husband, I actually didn't just see myself for the first time. But I saw him. And he saw me. And I found that missing piece, I found that missing piece within me. And it was there all along, but I just couldn't see it. And now I see me, I see all that I am I see how mighty and beautiful and awesome I am. And you have that power within you to have all of this to discover and stepping to now we need to stop calling this world where we live in connected to yourself on a soul level is real. It's wonderous. I mean, imagine living in an Earth where everybody living in their true soul energy was just being imagine what a place that would be. If we just lived soul deep with each other, we communicated on a soul level, we lived our purpose. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey. One thing is for certain that Earth has raised its frequency. And the world as we know it is changing our old ways of existing, it's been challenged in so many ways. And collectively as humans, we are all expanding. I've heard from so many of you that you felt this shift, and that you're ready for radical changes in your life. And that first step to understanding all this and creating that shift and stepping into that truth of you. And living that abundant life is by connecting to yourself on a soul level. And when you do that, like what is the whole soul level? What does it mean? Well, you meet the truest form of you and amazing things happen. The law of synchronicity opens new paths for you because you're on your soul path. Like this makes more sense that anything yet, we still call this strange or woowoo. But this is a new reality that we need to start to begin to understand because your relationships will deepen, you'll understand your purpose and feel guided, will your next steps, you'll enact your energetic capabilities.


Deborah O Grady  05:23

I mean, these gifts almost seem superhuman, yet we all have them, and we all have access to them. So when you connect with your soul in this way, you show up undeniably you in every area of your life. Like every area, this is not just about connecting to your soul, and saturating it into your business and creating this personal brand that does actually connect with your soul align clients, but this has a ripple effects through everything in your life. So let's talk about unique soul design, your your soul print, so your soul energy is like a DNA, no soul is the same. Now I've been working a lot to, to really understand this and it's part of a puzzle is pulling everything together. And seeing that whole picture, wow, you will never go back to the way that you were, you just can't with all this information. And so your soul is created by perfect design, which means you were created for a purpose, for a reason. Now, reasons can vary from being that Newerth visionary, the greatest teacher, the gifted engineer, or, or the most caring mom. And this is the wonder of Your unique soul energy. It's an energy you actually chose in non physical. So when you align to this reason, and when you remember, there's abundance in buckets. I mean, life just keeps giving. And this whole way of being in your truly soul energy. It's fascinating. You are naturally equipped with all the skills you need within you to fulfill your purpose. Because guess what? You designed it and uncovering those skills. Some of you may not even be aware of but they're there. They're in your unique soul energy. They're in your unique soul DNA, your soul print is all there waiting for you imagine being fully aligned to this unique soul energy. And to be able to tap into this wisdom, this knowledge and all the possibilities. So within this soul energy, what'd he say? Your soul remains eternal. And within this soul energies, there's characteristics, aspects, elements. And really key things that are just so unique to you. The truth of you that true is form of you. Your purpose and your capability to fill this your energetic capabilities. And also, it's that knowing an ability to understand more about you and act on those decisions easily. It's that feeling you can physically feel that knowing when something's right for you, you can just feel the pole. It's one of those things that you just know you have to it doesn't make sense to you on a human level, but you just know you've got to do it. Also in this energy is conscious perspective, which gives you a whole new clarity on life. There's Soul Life flow and your natural soul state, which is your unique way of being. And this helps you live your life by perfect design to feel truly satisfied and happy in all areas of your life because life is for living. You know, it's not just about achieve and succeed. It's not about going for the next big thing. It's about feeling content, feeling satisfied, feeling good. So there's so much to understand about the soul before we even think about calling in solo lane clients. I see so many superficial brands out there. So many personal brands that have been developed from a place of ego, scarcity or self doubt. I know what that is because I created my own from this but brands need to be built from a place of truth, to be deeply soul aligned with who you are, and what you're here to do. And when you get to understand yourself this self realization, and it just takes your business and your life in everything in a to a total new level, and quite fast time,


Deborah O Grady  10:26

there's a kind of time consequence where things just kind of collapse because you are on that path. And right now, you might not be on the right path. If things are just so hard, there's normally two reasons you're not aligned to the truth of who you are. Or you're actually not fulfilling a purpose that is yours. And so this kind of all makes sense when you're putting all together. So a brand needs to be seen on a soul level. And we, we all need to communicate more on a soul level, to be real, to give more graciously to create true engagement with love. Because the world's been a bit crazy. We have seen so many strange things happen around us. And it's now time for us to awaken, awaken to who we truly are. So your Brandon dream business and abundant life starts soul deep. And you can start that today. You can set the intention right now, you can start this right now, with the intention to connect to your soul energy. This is an ask. It's a one and a wish. It's a desire. It's it's for you. If this is calling to you, and this is fell on a soul level, then it's time for you. This work is an honor. And I thought to truly take time to understand it, and to practice it before I unleash date. And I'm so excited to share with you how you can tap into this energy and saturate in a fully immerse yourself in it. And then you can infuse it in magical ways in your relationships in your business and actually become a true soul brand in your business. So everybody totally understand you. People understand your true purpose. And when you know that you are fulfilling your soul's work. And you enact those awesome energetic capabilities that you didn't even know whether were there. There is no stopping you. There is no stopping you is that knowing. And that's magical. I'm going to be sharing with you lots of resources, lots of free resources, how you can tap into this soul energy, how you can immerse index, and how you can bring this into your business. How you can understand more about yourself on a soul level. So make sure you subscribe, because I've got so much to share with you in these podcasts. And I would love you to be on this journey with me.

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