Intuition, we all have it, but do you tune into it and use it in your business? ⁣

I've always been intuitive, I'm good at reading people and situations, but it's only really the past couple of years that I've started listening to it and being guided by it in my business and with my clients.  My brain is very analytical, so it kinda goes against those intuitive feelings if I can't make sense of them.⁣

We can all tap into our intuition, we just need to understand the art of listening and feeling into the emotion.
It's those times when everything on paper looks great, yet something just feels ‘off' – that's intuition.
It's that discovery call that left you feeling flat- that's it again.
That connection towards someone that you've never met but feels like you've known them forever- yep that's it! 
Using your intuition will help you grow far faster than any tactics, it'll help you leap into inspired action because it just FEELS right.
Treat it as your internal compass guiding you in the right direction, moving you closer to the truth of you and your purpose. Let it guide your business decisions.

So next time you get that feeling that something is off or you're really drawn to someone or something act on it.

Start listening to that voice, your true voice;  for you are mighty and so POWERFUL. 


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