Julie approached me as she was struggling with her positioning as a business mentor, and wanted to standout in an oversaturated market. I did an online search and could see her messaging was mixed and too broad. Her huge suite of products didn't help either, with continuous ideas, she was always bringing something new out. Whilst helping her bottom line short term it wasn't building her brand for long term growth.

We got to work on her strategy; fact-finding her career history, her passions and digging further into the soul-aligned truth of who Julie was.

Her expertise was huge; Julie lives and breathes communities from creating her original business ‘Too Fat to Run' to helping others creating an engaged audience of buyers.

Repositioning Julie as an Engagement Strategist felt so obvious, everything then became clear, her messaging; her packages. It just all fell into place.

My team were tasked with the visual identity. It had to be fun, full of energy with plenty of swagger. We wanted the East End feel of Julie's hometown to come through in her visuals, yet be balanced enough to show Julie the expert. I think we pulled it off, don't you?

Working with Deborah has

transformed my business.

“It was all there, of course, it was. It just needed bringing together.
It was fab having someone who didn't know me, truly see me, and to understand who I was and how my business could help other people. The challenge was to help others see the same…and she did exactly that. Working with Deborah has transformed my business; I had my best launch ever, my list has seen a huge increase of a more aligned audience and I've just hit 6 figures, 3 months after launch.”

Julie Creffield

Engagement Specialist

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