Kind + Kleen

Previously a buyer for a well known department store; Emma had all the right contacts to launch her own range of botanical bath products and knew she needed a stellar brand to impress investors. 

Emma's brand was born from a love of organic beauty products, but being a lover of horse riding she also wanted a product that left her skin feeling clean without stripping it of its natural oils. We created a brand that was honest, transparent and kind, which was translated in the name choice; Kind + Kleen.

Deborah is an absolute expert and I am so lucky to have found her

“ Deborah is an absolute expert and I am so lucky to have found her. knowing she has worked with big brands such as Hugo Boss was a big attraction for me. Originally I thought I needed a business mentor and a designer; but I discovered both in Deborah. Her commercial knowledge is what every business needs and I am so grateful for all the help she have given me that went far beyond the brand process. Thank you”

Emma, Founder of Kind + Kleen

You've taken our business to another level.

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