I've finally emerged. I'm back!  And what a journey. 

I started going deep on my spiritual practice last year. I’ve always been able to see and hear things I couldn’t explain. But I'd never really mastered it, and I don’t believe I ever sat still enough to be able to tune into it. So I enlisted some help to figure out if these were actual gifts or if I was going crazy. (you’ll be glad to hear I’m not mad and yes they are gifts ✨)

But the thing is with gifts like this you need to get rid of low stored vibration and that my friend is tough. With the help of my fantastic Coach, I have revisited old wounds to release them, love labelled them and raised my vibration. It’s been tough, but wow what a huge difference it has made to my life.


I have finally come home to me. My truth

Who I truly am and what I’m here to do. I have never felt so clear and purposeful. 

What I have learned is a GAME CHANGER and means my work just got a whole lot deeper. 


I’ve realigned my whole business and created new products and services, I’ve had my most profitable month, and my clients see massive shifts and results in their business. 

And the funny thing about this is I’ve taken more time off this summer than I ever had in my business. 


Because when you connect to your truths and align your business with your purpose, you vibrationally attract your people. The people you are here to serve, which will create more success and happiness in your business and help you get a step closer to fulfilling that dream.

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