Lucy was seeing rapid growth in her business and felt it was the right time to invest in a brand and go all in to create the impact she wanted to make in the world. I took Lucy through my 1:1 Leadership Brand program were we worked together uncovering the brand truths. We went deep on Lucy's vision, her purpose and client promise to discover Lucy's soul-aligned truth. Next, we worked on her ideal clients, embarked on thorough competitor analysis and got clear on her customer promise to uncover her USP. I loved our coaching sessions together, Lucy was always open, and we achieved so much together. Once the brand strategy was in place, I created meaningful messaging, and we repositioned Lucy from a therapist to a success & leadership coach, changing the focus on what she delivered rather than her process.


We worked together on Lucy's product suite and the transformation it gave and increased her prices while my team worked their magic on translating Lucy's essence of rewiring emotional patterns to become intrinsically you. My idea for the logo came from the mood board ideas we created showing restructuring patterns. I wanted to create a pattern that has meaning but felt fluid, balanced and elegant. For the brand shoot I wanted to make sure this essence came through so that people could see the real Lucy.

As we worked on creating a leadership brand for Lucy, she signed up for the coaching package so that we could work on her content strategy; brand-building campaigns and look at her launch plan. We looked at what was working in her business, what she felt aligned with and streamlined her products. Lucy tripled her email list in the 12 weeks working together and is now putting the finishing touches to her launch. With amazing collaborations in place and a strong business strategy, I know her brand can take her as far as she wants it to go.

I have come home to myself with a full understanding of what I offer and the transformation I bring to my clients

Deborah has a super skill that is difficult for me to word.

She has seen me at a deeper and more profound level than many people have. She has shown me to myself.
I am a pretty self-aware person and yet I had pieces of me which were not holding together as congruently as a personal brand must do.
Deborah has engineered a process through which I have come home to myself with a full understanding of what I offer and the transformation I bring to my clients. I am delighted with the work we have done together.
I know absolutely who I am and how I help and I am so excited to step into this completely grounded and resolved way of being.”

Lucy Power

Success & Leadership Coach

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