I've spent more than twenty years working with large global brands and agencies before I started my own. I’m lucky to have started my career in one of the top advertising agency in the UK working with some hard-hitting brands and directing their creative.

It wasn't until I started to understand the strategy behind the creative campaigns that I knew I'd found ‘my' thing. I thrived on bringing new products to market, from working on the launch of the first online bank; First Direct, to bringing Hugo Boss fragrances to the masses. 

The experience gave me great exposure to how brands are created and marketed. I learned how to do things the right way; the brand process, the research and planning and how to build a business from the ground up.

This strongly shaped my work ethic – my client-centric approach and commitment to delivering and getting it right for business owners. 

When I eventually moved agencies, my clients came with me and after a long boozy lunch (it was a '90's thing) one of my oldest clients said, ‘Don't you think it's time to go it alone and set up an agency of your own?.

And with that and only one client in tow, I set up my brand agency at the age of 30.

Within six months of running my own business, I'd hit 6 figures, and we continued to grow even during a recession. I made heaps of mistakes in my first business; hiring the wrong people, taking on the wrong kind of clients, but my biggest mistake was creating a business based on my own fame and profit and not from a place of purpose and helping people.

I started to feel out of alignment with my business, but not sure on my next move, I stayed stuck and suppressed that feeling of wanting more.

Fast forward 7 years juggling motherhood with a handful of demanding clients I started to questioning my business even more. Am I  really making a difference in the world, or just lining the pocket of the corporates?

I remember it was a sunny day in January, and I was sat at a board table with a well-know brand discussing how to get their new kids ‘health' drink to market.

I sat listening to the brief, the KPI's and tasted the prototype; this drink was full of sugar!  Of course, it was, yet it was my job to create a brand so appealing to both kids and parents that they bought it.

That was the easy part, I'd be creating brands for years, but what was getting less easy now was how I was showing up in the world and how my work didn't really make a difference.   As I drove back to the office that sunny day and decided to close down my agency.

We'd just moved house, renovations had started, and I didn't have a clue what I was going to do next. All I knew was I couldn't carry on.   With no idea what I was going to do, and my mind and body broke, I decided to study holistic health. I took a year out; not that I could afford it, but I couldn't afford not to.

I felt lost that year. In a new village, an unfriendly new school playground; no longer defined by my career and not knowing my next move.

I started training in coaching, helping people to connect with their life purpose. And that’s when I landed my first job with an entrepreneur who approached me to help her with her brand.

Thanks to my corporate brand experience and my new coaching abilities, I was able to bring her dream to life and turn it into a business. We created a brand so true to her and appealing to her target market; I was thrilled when she picked up four new clients straight after launch.

And that was the start of my new business; a business fully aligned with who I am, my values and my vision to help thousands of women create a successful business they were always meant to have.  

I believe that if you have the drive and passion to make a difference in the world, you cannot fail.

It was after I had my daughter that I rethought my career.



I felt I wanted to work on a more personal level with people rather than corporate companies, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like, so I took a year off and started training in coaching, helping people to connect with their own life purpose.

And that’s when I landed my first job with an entrepreneur who approached me to help her with her brand.

Thanks to my corporate brand experience, my coaching abilities, I was able to see her dream, what she was capable of, the market she was trying to reach, and was able to bring these together to help her create her brand.

This led me to what I do today and what I can do for you.

Find your superpower

I believe that each one of you is individual and unique, and I help you uncover what about you is special and to build this into a brand.

I see thousands of women like you who want to create an impact in the world. And I want to bring my big brand knowledge to female entrepreneurs to ensure you succeed.

Whether you are starting out as an entrepreneur or have outgrown your brand because you’re flying high, I help you unlock that uniqueness that is you to help you create a brand and a business that truly reflects you and enables you to be seen as you should be in the marketplace.

Nobody is the same so why would your business be?

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