I’ve spent twenty-five years shaping businesses; working with global brands, startups and visionary entrepreneurs. I fuse my strategy know-how and spirituality to help you connect with your SoulTruth® to grow your business from the inside out to create the success you crave.

Deborah O'Grady- The Brand Coach


I’ve spent twenty-five years shaping businesses; working with global brands, startups and visionary entrepreneurs. I fuse my strategy know-how and spirituality to help you connect with your SoulTruth® to grow your business from the inside out to create the success you crave.

My Story

I’m grateful to have started my career in one of the top advertising agencies working with some hard-hitting brands and directing their creative. Still, it wasn't until I started to understand the strategy behind the creative campaigns that I found my love of all things brand.

I thrived on bringing new products to market, from working on the launch of the first online bank; First Direct, to bringing Hugo Boss fragrances to the masses.

These experiences gave me great exposure to how brands are built. I learned how to do things the right way; the brand process, the research and planning and how to build a business from the ground up.

This strongly shaped my work ethic, client-centric approach and commitment to delivering and getting it right for business owners.

By the age of 30 and with 8 years experience of working with some of the biggest global brands I set up my first brand agency and hit 6 figures in the first 6 months. However, it wasn't all plain sailing, by the age of 35 I was burnt out and deeply unhappy with the business I had built.

Disillusioned with building brands for large corporates and suffering from adrenal fatigue I went on my own healing ⁣journey, and qualified as a Holistic Health Coach in 2017 and walked away from my agency. 

Not sure of my next move, I started consulting with 8 figure global creative agencies to help them define their purpose and positioning to create a more aligned business and client base.

I loved the work, but it wasn't until I was approached by a purpose-driven entrepreneur that I felt truly aligned with my purpose. 

That first client led me to build The Brand Coach & Co, and within the first year, I had my first multi five-figure launch with The Power of Your Brand®. 

25 years of brand-building with blue chip brands

finding my way

Business was doing great, I loved the work I did yet I knew I wasn't owning my truth; I was showing up in my business based purely on my past. I hid behind the strategy and big brand experience, yet never spoke freely about my intuition and ability to see gifts in others. 

But this is my truth and the whispers got louder, I felt I was being called to create something bigger, so by the end of 2019 I signed up to work with a spiritual teacher and committed to going through the releasing process to raise my vibration and consciously awaken.

Every day I would tune into my higher self to start listening to what I was being called to create.

It took some time; at first, all I could hear was my voice figuring what I was going to cook for dinner, it was so hard to quieten my mind. Then when I did get the guidance I questioned if that was just my own thoughts.

But slowly day by day I started mastering our intuition.

Week by week I started to release all our past hurts, relabeling them and living our truths.

As time went by I started mastering my inner wisdom.

I started to play with it and could see the magic unfold before me.

I believe that if you have the drive and passion to make a difference in the world, then you cannot fail.


I finally felt I was living my truth, I started attracting more aligned clients, I was being guided with what I needed to create and within a couple of months, I hit 6 figures whilst working less in business.

I felt strong in the knowledge that I had absolute clarity in who I truly was, the people I was here to serve and a clear vision on how to get there.

I started to work with my non-physical team to help my clients, I understood my gifts fully and started consciously using these in my work.

I have a purpose beyond any fame and fortune, opportunities come my way easily, and success and happiness feel a natural state of being.

“I believe we all have a unique set of gifts that are ours alone, and it's these gifts that are our soul-aligned truth; gifts we are being called to use as we shift to higher dimension on earth.”

I now help others to activate their SoulTruth® so they could understand what they truly desired, what is possible for them and reshape their whole business; from the clients they want to work with, the products they want to sell, and the program they feel called to create.

I fuse strategy with spirituality to find your truth to grow your business from the inside out.


  • An expert, no-nonsense, straight-talking approach.
  • A trusted partner who's invested in your success.
  • Strategic know-how, based on 25 years of shaping businesses on and offline.
  • A ‘knowing' intuitive gift to guide you lovingly. 
  • Higher self-connection and guidance
  • Working with my non-physical team to see into your vortex.
  • Guidance to support your purpose and fulfil your vision.
  • Plenty of ‘a-ha!’ moments and valuable insights.
  • Clarity on how to articulate the true YOU so your audience totally ‘get you'.
  • Confidence of stepping into the true you and showing up as you in your business.
  • A brand so true to who you are that you speak to the souls of your audience.
  • A framework to create true alignment within your business.

Together we'll work on reconnecting you to your purpose; to own your unique gifts and stand in the truth of you to create a business that feels so good you cannot fail.



When I'm not working I'm mainly hanging out with my super chilled hubby, my mini-me daughter and our pets Bowie and Mitzy.

  • I studied Interior Design, but have no comprehension of space
  • I prefer cheese to chocolate
  • 12 years ago Kundalini yoga saved my life
  • I'm a qualified Life Coach
  • We manifested the sale of our house and purchase of a new home in 4 days
  • I'm a self-confessed shoe addict 
  • I'm a PSYCH-K® Practitioner and believe we can change our limiting beliefs to create our own reality.
  • I'm part of the Gabriel Collective of hope and comunications.

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