Nicole was working as a buyer for a well know high street retailer when we first started working together. She has an impressive career history and was looking for help to start her business with a view of leaving her corporate job within the next 12 months. I'm happy to say she left the week of her launch with one corporate contract and two dream clients. So how did we do it?

I took Nicole through my Brand Truth Framework™. We got under the skin of her target audience and identified two different audiences; online entrepreneurs and corporates. What was evident was the online world didn't understand the term ‘buyer'. Instead, her target market searched for help to get into ‘retail', so it was really important she stood out as the retail expert that she was to speak in their language.


We worked on creating a business both on and offline from the ground up; the research and planning, purpose and people and built a brand that could appeal to both audiences. We mastered her mood board to appeal to a high-end market and have a retail feel to it.

The brand shoot planning paid off too; taking place outside the stores of the sectors she wanted to work in. Nicole knows exactly where her business is going and has the inside knowledge of what her clients want due to the vast amount of research we did together.

Nicole handed her notice in after picking up two dream clients and securing a corporate contract. I'm really excited to see what's next for Nicole and watch her business grow.

“She helped crystallise my vision for my new business.”

“Integrity, experience, excitement and passion. These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Deborah.

I hired Deborah as a coach at the beginning of this year after hearing her speak at an event. She helped crystallise my vision for my new business. Her insight and knowledge are fantastic and she's enjoyable to work with.

She's created a strategy for me, brand identity, website and helped bring my brand shoot to life. I handed my notice in and launched my brand that very month, picking up 2 dream clients and a contract within weeks.

I have no doubt building my brand has led me to the success I am seeing in my business.”

 Nicole Higgins

The Buyer & Retail Coach

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