Rebecca had just completed a full rebrand; visual identity, new website and brand shoot, but as soon as she launched, she knew something was missing: Her positioning and messaging. Something wasn't hitting despite her investment in her brand, and she wasn't attracting her ideal clients.

Rebecca approached me to help her create a brand strategy that aligned with her vision. It was clear in our first conversation that Rebecca was gifted and extremely talented, but what has been previously missing in her brand communications, was her essence; Rebecca's way with people was so soothing, her voice almost sang a lullaby to me and sent me in a trance of calm.

Looking at the marketplace; it was evident that Facebook advertising was stressful; it's a gamble with no guarantees.

We went deep on Rebecca's purpose, who she wanted to serve and why; she genuinely wants to take the pain away from online advertising and equip coaches with the know-how to attract their ideal clients without the stress.

Previously Rebecca was teaching coaches to become a Facebook Master, yet this wasn't what her target market was searching for; it was the end results the advertising gave them; ideal paying clients. We repositioned Rebecca and changed her message to ‘reach with ease'; helping coaching scale online without the stress. We translated that into copy and content that felt true to Rebecca and would resonate with her people. 

Next, we looked at her visual identity; a full rebrand wasn’t necessary, just a few calming colours added to her palette and a new brand shoot to translate the new proposition and to show Rebecca’s essence of calm, chilled and relaxed. 

Everything then started falling into place; she felt confident in her comms, the clients came, and she's managed two successful launches with excellent conversation rates.

“She is the business spirit guide; it's like she has magical powers” 

“Deborah has magical powers when it comes to identifying the perfect messaging for your brand. Not only does it feel completely aligned with you, but it also attracts your dream-boat clients too!

I was struggling to create content for my audience because I wasn’t 100% clear on my brand messaging. Deborah has tapped into my zone of genius and created a brand strategy that has blown me away.

If you seek clarity with your branding, you absolutely need THE Brand Coach™!”

Rebecca Thatcher

Ad Strategist & Coach

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