Rose first became a client when she was in her first year of business and wanted some help to get clear on her messaging and positioning. As a former McKinsey consultant, Rose had positioned herself as a business coach and was lost in a crowded market. She needed standout and a comms strategy that meant she was reaching her ideal clients consistently.

We went deep on research; her competitors, the marketplace, and ideal target market. It was clear that Rose's truth was empowering other women to earn to their full potential and with the research showing only 12% of women earn over £100K, Rose's mission became clear; to help women worldwide join the elite 12%.

The research led to me to create names for Rose's programs. Including her method; Inner Wealth Work® having understood Rose's process. I went to work on Rose's new positioning; a wealth and business strategist helping female business owners unlock their earning potential through business strategy and Inner Wealth Work®.

In uncovering her truths we got super clear on her tone of voice, messaging and how to position herself within the marketplace.⁣

Within the first week of her relaunch, she'd had four client enquires and six collaboration requests, results that she previously wasn't getting.⁣

As Rose has grown so has her brand and I'm proud to say I'm been by Rose's side as her brand coach guiding and advising her on messaging, visuals and recently her photoshoot. The shoot planning session was fun, we planned every element of the shoot to ensure she attracted her people; from wardrobe choice, location search and a focussed shoot list, so she got the most from the shoot day.  

The work we've done together has enabled Rose to convert her leads into paying clients because she's attracting her ideal clients and is super clear on who she is, her vision for the business and the people she wants to serve. 

She's a pure genius at what she does.

“Deborah has been incredible to work with! She's a pure genius at what she does. My brand really wasn't an easy one to pull together and she did it! In fact, she smashed it!

It's hands down been the best money I have spent on my business. In the first two weeks of relaunch I had four new client enquiries and 6 collaboration requests, this hasn't been the case previously.

I feel so confident in my brand and I'm attracting far better clients. I have enquiries every week from awesome women wanting to work with me. Thank you, Deborah”

Rose Radford

Wealth Coach & Business Strategist

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