Sally has a lifelong passion for interiors and styling and has a swoon-worthy Instagram account and was looking to monetize all her hard work and attract like-minded brands to create a profitable business doing the work she loves.

Our first meeting took place in her house; a 140 year old barn conversion in a tiny, picturesque North Yorkshire village with amazing sweeping views of the countryside, where for the past eight years she has lovingly transformed it into the wonderful, unique and eclectic space it is today. Working with Sally was a dream come true and I  loved having a noisy in her amazing home.

Sally's previous business name; like many, was based on a personal choice and a meaningful time in her life, but the name' heart, flower, heart' didn't mean anything to her audience and I felt didn't truly represent the Sally I saw. Sally's style is decadent & sassy with rock and roll styling and needed a brand name that could live up to that.


We got to work on her research first, understanding more about Sally, her dreams, her vision and what she wanted out of her business. It was clear Sally did things her way and loved breaking rules. ( you only had to look at the leopard skin stair carpet to see this).

We discussed the brands she wanted to attract and where she wanted to sit with the vastly competitive interiors market.

From the research and planning insights, it was clear Sally's business name needed to change and that's where ‘Sally does Sassy' was born.

We had so much fun on her messaging and we knew her visual brand identity needed to live up to her bold decadent styling.

Your style, your rules, is a message we all need to take on board; our home is a reflection of the person we truly are and should ‘ooze' you.

We created a ‘Sally Approved' sub logo, to endorse brands Sally felt aligned with and the bigs brands started to notice. 

She also got an 11-page feature in Good Homes, and that's just the start…

To see more of Sally's bold style check out her Instagram account@sallydoessassy 

“I was shocked (in a very good way) that Deborah really understood what I was doing, what my values are and she knew exactly where to place me”

 The penny has finally dropped & I’ve started thinking like a brand.

It's all falling into place and I finally GET IT. 

I’m attracting the right sort of clients & people who I want to be customers of sallydoessassy – I’ve found my tribe!

It’s been quite a slow process but I do remember you saying it will take up time to build a brand, so you were right (obvs).

Thank you.


Sally Worts 

Owner of Sally Does Sassy

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