Shari approached me to help her create a global brand. She was initially thinking visuals and a snazzy strapline. The brief: ‘Make me into a brand, but I hate logos, I want ‘ALL THE COLOURS' and I have a lot to say'.

On our first coaching session, we talked about her positioning, and it was evident that people didn't really know what Shari did, she was playing in the friends zone' and a full-blown strategy and business plan were needed.

We started at the very core of her business; Shari. I wanted to know exactly what she wanted from her business, her mission and vision. When we'd figured out where she was heading, we got to work on the research and planning and found some meaningful insights and a new target market she hadn't previously dared to voice. 

Shari is a creative whizz who pulls people out of a rut within their business and needed a powerful strategy to attract a new audience of buyers and align with her vision for her business. We uncovered facts about Shari's superpowers and figures on her audience. We got super clear on her purpose and who her competitors were, so we could create a standout strategy that she could embed in all her marketing efforts. 

After we got clear on the strategy, everything else flowed; her messaging, copy, and visuals. We worked on new products, product names, packages and increased her fees. We created a content strategy to help build her brand and become known as the creative spark for businesses worldwide. 

Shari has a renewed confidence about her business; the process has unearthed a power within. She's now standing in her truth; all that she is and that's where the magic happens. There's no more second-guessing, no more if's and but's, she knows exactly who she is and who she wants to serve which has moved her out of the ‘friend zone' and into a leadership brand.

“My entire business is completely different because Deborah helped me understand who I was and how to communicate that to my people.”

This process has unearthed me and my business from a depth I didn't know was there, and I'm pretty damn deep and tuned in to start off with!
Deborah in her beautiful, magnificent, intuitive, brilliant way guided me through a unique process so I could understand how to become a brand. You are the most incredible brand strategist and brand coach, this process has helped me really step up.


I knew that I needed a new brand, but I had no idea what a brand meant. I was spending a lot of time in the friend zone. I wasn't being clear about what I do and what I sold, so I had this great front end of the business, but the client flow wasn't there and it wasn't consistent because I was pushing too hard and I was spending too much time online proving myself rather than showing up as the expert that I am.
It was the strategy that has changed by my whole business. My client base has changed and that's before we even launched the brand.
Deborah, I adored every second of the process and I can't wait to continue growing and scaling with you by my side as my coach.


Shari Teigman

Performance Mentor + Creative Strategist

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