The ego has a lot to answer for when it comes to your business being out of alignment. 

There to keep us safe, but taking us further from our truth. I have experienced it and seen it in others and believe me; it is not pretty. 

When the ego is in play, there's a disconnect; you're on the online ego trip, the merry- go round to achieve success, looking for the next shining toy, the podcast, the book, the speaker gig, focusing on your fame and fortune, without much of a purpose other than your own gain.

And then it hits you. You've been focussing on your own fame and fortune and not your purpose and people. You're just like everyone else. You jumped on board the ego trip of the entrepreneur, and you have no idea of how to get back to why you started this business in the first place.

This is a hard realisation, but by understanding your ego we can become free, and can work back towards our purpose. 

And how do you do this? By reclaiming our truth. Check out the truth workbook on my free resource page and reconnect with your truth, so it can radiate throughout your business.  


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