I was 19 at the time and saw a pair of gold hot pants in a magazine.

I lusted for these hot pants; these hot pants we're the most amazing hot pants I'd ever seen, they were live changing. Promising me endless nights of dancing and entry to the best clubs in town.

So I saved up and headed into Harvey Nichols, picked up a size 8 and slipped them on. OMG they felt awesome.

I felt awesome.

My life was complete. I bought them that day and tried them on a good few times before the weekend…

and then the weekend came.

A big club night.

I popped them on did my make up and was already to head out, but you guessed it –  I bottled it.

My excuse .. I was having a ‘fat day'

Who has a fat day when they are size 8? 

I was 19 for god sakes, I was skinny, I had zero cellulite and I looked bloody hot in those pants.

Yet my limiting belief held me back and those gold hot pants stayed in my wardrobe never to be worn.

I eventually threw them out in my 30's when I actually did have ‘fat' days and carry some cellulite.

I felt really sad that those clubbing days has gone without me having the bottle to wear them.

It was a small price to pay, missing the opportunity to be a disco diva in those gold hot pants, but man it was a BIG lesson.

Limiting beliefs are the crazy things we tell ourselves that hold us back.

I see them in myself, my clients and my 9 year old daughter.

Those hard wired beliefs that hold us back and hurt us. Lies we tell ourselves to keep us small.

But why do we do this, where do they come from and how can we ensure we have that bulletproof belief system in place?

What limiting beliefs have you recognised?

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