Creating a powerful brand is finding that special something about you, where you sit within the marketplace and understanding who it is you're talking to, so you can appeal to them on all levels. And that's exactly what Holly did when she signed up to The Power of Your Brand® group program.⁣

She steamed through the modules and showed up every week to the coaching calls, shared her work on the feedback calls and upgraded to work with me 1:1 on her strategy, brand shoot and brand ID. ⁣

Finding Holly's voice wasn't an issue, she knows who she is, but we went deep into her why; why she wants to help so many women master Instagram and rule on their terms! Giving the Queen real meaning, so her audience really hears her. ⁣

Bringing her brand strategy to life was such good fun, and creating the messaging had us both in giggles. ⁣

Not one for mincing her words, Holly needed to show up exactly as pure her; she's a funny, no-nonsense potty mouth kind of gal, who's unapologetic to the point and hell-bent on action and results. ⁣The logo was just the icing on the cake and her brand shoot shows the Queen in all her glory.

As soon as Holly launched her new brand, the results were evident and tangible.

“I absolutely know there's nothing I can't do and nowhere I can't go with ‘The Instagram Queen' now, and that right there is bloody exciting!”

Here are Holly's results: after her brand relaunch:


  • Most successful membership launch to date.
  • More than tripled monthly income (almost quadrupled it).
  • At full capacity for one of my services.
  • Organic lead to sale conversion rate is now 97% (no time wasters).

Not tangible:

  • Super clear what my message is.
  • Not afraid to share it.
  • Know exactly who I'm serving, how I'm serving them and why – based on the facts.
  • Bloody love the whole brand ID/personality – it's never oozed outta my pores with such purity.

“You know when you know you need something, but you're not sure what? Your business is doing pretty well, but there's just that thing missing? Deborah is that thing!”

“Working through the program has given my business rock-solid foundations to build on – no ifs, buts or maybes, but pure facts…knowing what my superpower is, where I sit in the market and really understanding my people.

The clarity I've now got on exactly what my brand is, what I'm saying, how I'm saying it, who I'm saying it to and more importantly my why is mind-blowingly powerful!

I always bang on about how ‘doing the work' isn't enough. We have to do the ‘right' work to get to where we want to be.

There's so much gubbins out there about branding, it's hard to know what's fluff and what's not. I love how Deborah cuts through the bullshit and gets straight to what's going to make the difference.”

 Holly Barras

The Instagram Queen 

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