Ria held the position of Wellbeing Manager at Vodafone and decided to go it alone and fulfil her dream of becoming a health coach. She wanted to niche her services and help women avoid burnout, having experienced this first hand.

I took Ria through the brand framework to get super clear on her offering and we conducted extensive research to understand what motivates her target market; the employees and employers. It was clear that a holistic approach was needed to achieve optimal wellbeing and a one size fits all approach wasn't working with corporates having to invest in multiple companies to deliver.

As a result, Ria teamed up with other wellbeing professionals to offer the whole package and created a tried and tested method of delivery to appeal to the corporates. Ria is a real visionary and has big plans, which I needed to consider to enable the brand to grow with her, rather than be outgrown. The obvious name choice was Well+ and the program name ‘The W+ Method'. We wanted a high end feel to be attractive to the demographic audience and an equally professional yet calm feel to the brand that communicated the brand values of integrity and authenticity.

Ria launched and within the first month secured her first two corporate clients. Last year saw her open her own yoga studio and launch an online coaching program for women, so we created two sub-brand which sits nicely under her main umbrella brand. I can't wait to see what else Ria has in store for Well+.

“Deborah really got to grips with what I wanted to achieve and made it happens.”

“Deborah really got to grips with what I wanted to achieve and made it happen. Deborah is extremely business minded and I felt safe in knowing she'd worked with big name brands for over 20 years. She's also very creative. I would recommend Deborah to anyone who needs help in creating a brand.”

Ria Ingleby

Founder, Well +

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