Work With Me 1:1

I work with entrepreneurs who are just starting out, corporates wanting to switch to online and well known 7 figure coaches.

Work With Me 1:1

I work with entrepreneurs who are just starting out, corporates wanting to switch to online and well known 7 figure coaches.

I've been building brands for over 20 years, and if there's one thing I have found, is that one size really doesn't fit all.

My work can involves anything from repositioning to a new market, a rebrand or a full brand creation.

Maybe you're not quite sure what you need. So let's hop on a call and chat your next move.

The Brand 360 Experience

Creating a brand ls a 360 holistic approach. Your vision for the business, who you want to appeal to and ensuring you're positioned correctly in the marketplace.  When something's off – a business doesn't function as it should.

When you're work with me, I take out the guesswork and the  overthinking.

Brands that are a success are because they did the work!

research and brand planning is key to that success.

The brand process I use is tried and tested with big brands I've worked with from Hugo Boss, to Walmart, and even Jimmy Choo, and I’ve developed it so that it works for businesses just like yours.

The process I use will ensure you're super clear on your brand goal, purpose, values, personality and positioning so you walk away with a brand that not only looks great but that is also built to perform.

Once you have a brand strategy everything flows from there; the logo design, font chosen to translate your personality, creative direction for your brand shoot and campaign ideas for your launching your brand.

The Process & What's Included

Full brand strategy- created for your business

Research and planning  (including target audience, competitors and marketplace)

Your Brand model – The blueprint for your business to ensure all your marketing effort is aligned with your brand (GOAL/PURPOSE/USP/VALUES/PERSONALITY/POSITIONING)

Brand coaching sessions

Online creative collaboration

Creative development

Choice of 3 logo design routes

Development of chosen route

Logos and sub marks

Message and tone of voice

Brand playbook (colour palette and font pairing)

Brand shoot planning session

Instagram graphics and social media launch plan

WordPress web template or planning session with your web team

Launch coaching


Process Project Timeline:  12 weeks.


This stage is all about you, so I can get clear on your business goals, aspirations and any challenges you have in your business.

You’ll receive an online brand questionnaire that will  help me understand you and your business. Once complete, we’ll have our first brand coaching session to go through the questionnaire and identify any areas that need further exploration.

Research & Planning

After receiving your completed questionnaire and understanding your brand goals, I identify your target market, the marketplace and your competitors. Working with trusted research partners, I collate data on the above to understand every angle of your business, including trends and growth opportunities so we have the full picture and you have the best chance of success.

Insights & Strategy

This is where the magic happens. I study my findings and use my intuition and experience to uncover your unique selling proposition, ensuring you're talked about for all the right reasons. I define every aspect of your brand: your brand purpose, values, personality and customer promise that will instantly connect with the right target audience for you and create a strategy tailored for you and your audience.

Brand Model

My insights are then translated into a full presentation document for you to keep and over a video call, I’ll walk you through my findings and every element of your brand. It can be an emotional process, as I really see you and all your potential.

This document is the blueprint of your business; the very foundation of your business from which everything else is built on – your communications, marketing efforts, people, collaborations and even suppliers. With a clear strategy in place you’ll have not just a brand that truly reflects YOU, but the confidence your business is built on solid research, and nothing has been missed.

Name Generation

Based on your brand strategy a name for your business may be required. If so, we’ll work with my tried and tested name generation process and create possible names for your business. You'll be given a few choices that translates the brand strategy, appeal to your target market and make you stand out in the marketplace.

Brand Style

You’ll be invited to collaborate online to create a secret moodboard to help cultivate your brand style and translate the brand strategy visually. We explore colour palettes, typography pairings, tone, mood and design aesthetic so you can see your brand style developing and I can understand your design preferences and guide you appropriately based on my brand experience.


Once we’re clear on a brand style, we start on the logo. I use a handful of highly experienced brand designers and illustrators to ensure each logo is custom created with most fonts being hand drawn. You will be presented with 2-3 creative routes to choose from. Once chosen, we’ll further develop the logo until we’re both happy it represents your brand and will emotionally connect with the right people.

Visual Identity

Once the logo has been approved, we’ll create a corresponding brand mark (small icon) and supply the final design files in EPS, JPG, PDF, and PNG formats, as well as black and white versions, so you have a logo for every possible usage.  A detailed style guide will be created to include your unique colour codes, font pairing and your brand moodboard for brand styling reference.  We'll then discuss you website needs, either a planning session with your team for a new website or a refresh or we'll create a branded WordPress template for you, complete with newsletter sign up and integration to get you started, with WordPress training to update your copy.


We'll arrange a 60-minute video call to discuss the launch and how I can assist you.  Myself and my team will help you choice a WordPress web template with your new branding in place and we'll discuss and create 9 social media graphics to help you launch. I will guide you through best practice on a brand launch and we can discuss brand campaign ideas. We'll work on style for your brand shoot too to ensure you have the image for your brand.  We'll approach your brand from a  360 angle so your brand is launched consistently and be a will be a success.

Process Project Timeline:  8 – 12 weeks.

The 360 Brand Experience

“Wow! Working with Deborah has given me huge insight into my business and audience.”

Nicole Prentice

The Millenial Business Coach

‘Deborah is a pure genius at what she does. In the first two weeks of relaunch I had four new client enquiries.” Rose Kirby

Wealth Coach & Business Strategist

“Her expertise and experience has helped bring my vision to life.”

Nicole Higgins

The Buyer & Retail Coach