Brand Consultancy


A ‘done with you' approach to create your brand strategy; for established businesses.






Brand strategy for an established business looking for help in repositioning their business. 


Who's it for?

You're a purpose-driven business owner and you're ready to scale.

You've got a huge feeling inside that this could BIG!

You have a proven process that gains real results for your clients.

Your client's rave about you, and you know you need to get this magic into more peoples hands.

You're achieving consistent income, and you're ready to start playing in the ‘big girls' pool of business.


If this is you…

It's time to invest in you and your business ready to step into that leadership brand; looking, sounding and most importantly feeling the part.


Brand strategy for an established business looking for help in repositioning their business. 


You need facts, figures, research and insights to create a leadership brand.

You can't build a brand based on the truth of you alone; you need hard facts. Research and planning is key to understanding your people and where you sit in the marketplace; without that, you're launching a business based on guesswork, and that's often where businesses fail. 

My Brand Truth™️ framework covers:

  • Discovery of ‘brand self', your SoulTruth®
  • Market analysis and niching
  • Aligned client mapping
  • Competitor analysis and USP
  • Customer promise, transformation

This research uncovers magical insights that help shape your proposition and create a brand that performs, so you can scale. 


Creating a brand strategy is a  ‘done with you' approach with a bit of homework for both of us, as we define and refine your brand into a leaderbrand. 



 A Brand Story Book that covers the deep work we do together and includes:

 Brand personality & tone of voice

 Positioning statement and tagline to stand out in your marketplace as different

 main messaging that will speak to the souls of your audience in a way that connects vibrationally

 Defined brand pillars & content themes to help with all your content and social strategy

 Offer and framework scoping 


We'll start our journey together with a 90 minute truth alignment session to understand the truth of you, what's possible for you so we can inject that into your brand.

We'll work on your messaging and tone of voice and brand pillars so you consistently communicate in a clear, coherent and concise way. 

We'll produce your ‘Brand Source Book' which covers everything we discover in our deep work together and work on audience facing comms so your brand can start working for you.

Delivered in a workable digital file that can be used by your team to show up consistently and help build your brand.


Your Brand Source Book includes everything you need to remain consistently true and ensures your marketing efforts are building brand equity.

Unlock your USP and show up as a leader.

If you're ready to take the next step, fill in the application below to book your clarity call to discuss your brand opportunities and what areas of your brand need your attention to create a leadership brand.


You also have me working on your business:

  • In-depth pre-coaching questionnaire & prep work
  • A 90-minute alignment intensive session
  • Weekly 1:1 60-minute brand sessions
  • Bespoke resources and tools
  • Voxer support between sessions to support you and your business. Available (Tues-Fri 9-5 pm)

Together, we’ll get clear on your brand. We’ll figure out exactly who you are, what you stand for and where you’re going.

You'll also get access to my creative team to bring your strategy to life.* 

*Additional costs apply for creative services. 

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